HENRY COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) -- Veterans and first responders answered the call to serve and for many of them that commitment doesn’t stop when they take off the uniform.

American Legion Post 516 and Henry County Fire Fighters recently teamed up to help a disabled resident.

”You just don’t know how good that made me feel” said Henry county resident Nelson Robinson who’s been wheelchair bound after having complications with neck surgery 16 years ago.

Nelson says when he called Post 516 he didn’t really believe he would get any help, but the conditions of the deck and ramp on his home had deteriorated so much that he was willing to try anything.

”I couldn’t come out the back door. I just had one way out that was the front door and the chair would just get stuck on the holes and it would just scare me to death,” said Nelson.

To complete the work, Post 516 partnered with the Henry county Fire Department who happened to be looking for volunteer opportunities.

”Without a ramp he’s unable to leave his house so he’s basically a prisoner in his own home and there’s no greater need than to take care of that work for him. We have the skills, we have the laborers, we have the time” said Lt. Frank Robinson with Henry County Fire Department.

The firefighters volunteered on their day off and many of them even pitched in their own money to buy supplies.

”We provide services by nature albeit emergency services, sometimes these things become emergencies,” said Robinson.

As for Nelson, he’s still in disbelief.

“It’s all better they took up the bad wood and put down new and they doing the back porch and they gonna do the middle porch. I didn’t think anyone cared” added Nelson.

Robinson hopes their effort will encourage other fire departments to volunteer to help people in their community. They also want to give special thanks to the McDonagh Outback Steakhouse who provided food for the volunteers.

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