City Hall bonuses actually cost the taxpayers over $800K

(Source: AP)

A CBS46 investigation into booster club bonuses for football coaches has uncovered a big business in the state of Georgia.

We first reported how parents at Westlake High School in Fulton County were unaware that coaches were getting paid with booster funds. Now we have discovered that coaches are getting thousands of dollars on top of their salaries.

There's an on-going investigation in to the Westlake Touchdown Club about whether the funds were properly approved by the booster club to pay coaches. The amount of money we're talking about is $16,500, but I've since learned that's peanuts to some of the other booster bonuses being handed out all over the state.

There's no doubt a catch when it comes to being one of the best high school football programs in the state. Having great athletes is just half the equation. Many school booster clubs invest thousands of dollars in top notch coaches.

In Gwinnett County, the Norcross Touchdown Club spent thousands of dollars on the coaches instead of the kids. Tax records show that $101,398 represents coaches stipends.

In Fulton County, the Milton Touchdown Club paid a coaching supplement worth $104,562. That's on top of the salaries the coaches already receive.

And in Forsyth County, tax records show the South Forsyth Touchdown Club setup a coaches budget totaling $121,391.

It's the price many booster clubs pay to be the best and it's completely legal. There's no law prohibiting the booster bonuses. Booster clubs are independent from the schools and registered as non-profits. But as we've come to learn, many parents had no idea about any of this.

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