Forest Park votes to decriminalize marijuana


From now on, Forest Park Police can still write a citation to people who have small amounts of marijuana; however, they can't arrest them for it because Forest Park City Council just voted 3-2 for decriminalization.

That means it's still technically illegal to carry less than an ounce, but, in the eyes of the court, that's a lesser offense than littering.

The first violation will be a $100 fine, a second offense will be a $300 fine, and everything after that is at the judge's discretion, but there is no jail time. Another important difference is that the offense is no longer considered a misdemeanor, and it will not come up when applying for student loans or looking for a job.

Forest Park is now the sixth city or county in Georgia to adopt a similar rule. The trend started two years ago with Clarkston, followed by Atlanta, unincorporated Fulton County, and the new city of South Fulton.

The only other Georgia city outside metro Atlanta is Savannah.

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