Former APS superintendent in cheating scandal will not stand trial due to health


On Friday, it was announced that former Atlanta Public Schools superintendent Dr. Beverly Hall will not stand trial next month, but the other 12 educators indicted in cheating scandal will. Hall is battling breast cancer.

A doctor's report was filed Thursday saying that Hall's health has deteriorated.

Hall was expected to go to trial in August for the CRCT cheating scandal but her attorneys contended that she would not be able to attend.

The Thursday report from Dr. Laura Weakland says that Hall, who is battling terminal Stage 4 breast cancer, is spending much of her time in bed.

"It is my professional medical opinion that Dr. Hall cannot physically endure a trial commencing in mid-August 2014. She is simply too ill as a result of the side effects of the Navelbine therapy and the progression of her disease," said Weakland.

Weakland goes on to say, "It would be difficult for her [Hall] to leave her home each day to endure an 6-8 hour trial day. Moreover, as set forth above, she is chronically fatigued and often resting or sleeping as a result of the chemotherapy. She would be physically unable to remain alert for a typical trial day much less assist her lawyers in hours when the trial was not underway."

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Jerry Baxter said the trial will begin as scheduled on Aug. 11 without Hall.

Baxter said Hall will eventually have her day in court.

"Dr. Hall is going to be tried whether she is here or not. There won't be a verdict on the case, but as far as the court is concerned Dr. Hall has an open indictment," said Baxter. "The charges are not going to be dismissed. "We will check on Dr. Hall when this case is concluded, if necessary, she will be tried if she is healthy enough and if she is still with us."

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