With two critical Senate races heating up, former presidential candidate Andrew Yang is moving to Georgia.

Yang and his family have temporarily moved to Georgia, not to vote, but instead to get out the vote for Rafael Warnock and Jon Ossoff. The two Democrats are locked in a tight battle with Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue.

If both Democrats win, President-elect Joe Biden would take office with a majority of votes in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate. With Republicans relegated to minority status in both houses of congress, Biden would have a much easier path to getting his legislative priorities made into law.

Losing even one of the seats would mean that Republicans keep control of the Senate.

Andrew Yang came seemingly out of nowhere in 2020, making a name for himself with his plain spoken, common sense approach to politics. His grassroots campaign focused on disappearing jobs and pushed a platform of“universal basic income.”

He has recently been mentioned as a possible Biden cabinet member, but he says his focus has shifted.

“We’d all love to be done with politics and just focus on holidays with our families, but the fact is you have not one but two senate races on January 5th and the future of the country rests on you, the voters of Georgia,” said an excited Yang.

Yang has teamed up with Martin Luther King, III to form a group called “Win Both Seats-dot-org.” King, whose father preceded Warnock as senior pastor of the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church, said that a Democrat-controlled senate is key to a successful Biden presidency.

“If President-elect Biden is going to tackle healthcare, climate chance, inner-city issues, homelessness, jobs, he needs to have both of these gentlemen; it can’t be one, it has to be both,” King said.

As for Yang, the entrepreneur said his stay in Atlanta is open ended, and that he and his family are committed to staying as long as they feel they can be helpful.

“We’ve seen our government not work for far too long,” Yang said, before running off to shoot a video with King, urging Georgians to engage one more time. That’s the way, he said, to get government working again.

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