Fuel thief brutally attacks gas station owner

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Fairburn Police are looking for a man who they say is responsible for not only stealing thousands of dollars worth of fuel from a local gas station, but also attacking the gas station owner who confronted him.

Earlier this month police say the man had five transactions over two days at the same pump at the Sun Petro station on Senoia Road.

"He is most likely doing it all over the metro Atlanta," says Detective Marian Glantz.

Glantz tells CBS46 the suspect broke a piece of the pump that gave him the access for only a few cents each time.

"As long as he pumps one penny of gas then he can pump as much as he wants to."

About 1,400 gallons of diesel in full.

He filled a tank he had in the back of a white Ford F-150 with no license plate.

When the clerk realized something wasn't right, the guy took off and the gas station owner chased him in his car.

They ended up fist fighting in a hotel parking lot.

"It's that extreme nature of the violence, not only the physical confrontation, we're told he was punching him in the head, kicking him," Interim Police Chief Anthony Bazyldo.

The surveillance video shows the 56-year-old victim on the ground.

On top of that, the suspect runs over the man's arm as he takes off in the white truck.

The interim police chief sends him this message: "Please turn yourself in, do the right thing, what you did is wrong."

CBS46 spoke with victim on the phone from the hospital, he says he has broken bones in his face.

He shares the plea from the police to help catch the man.

Police don't advise you to chase a suspect like the gas station owner did in this case. Let officers handle that.

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