Fulton schools closed

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) – All Fulton County schools will be closed to students and teachers on Wednesday, Mar. 11 according to an announcement posted on the district's website Tuesday. All Fulton schools, with the exception of Bear Creek Middle School and Woodland Middle School, will reopen to students and staff on Thursday, Mar. 12.

Fulton County announced during a press conference on Monday that all schools in the district would be closed Tuesday after an employee was diagnosed with coronavirus.

Dr. Mike Looney, Superintendent of Fulton County Schools, said the person was an itinerant teacher at Bear Creek Middle School and Woodland Middle School. The teacher fell ill during their shift at Bear Creek Middle School last Friday and 911 was called. The employee is currently hospitalized. According to Looney, the teacher had "a lot of contact with students they serve and with additional staff members."

On Wednesday, a second case of the virus was reported at the school. 

Officials are still working to learn exactly how many students and staff members the teacher encountered since contracting the virus. Dr. Looney said on average each teacher in the district teaches five to six courses per day to around 25 students per course.

The district said it will work with the Department of Health to help identify the names and contact information of everyone in which the teacher had contact. The district immediately closed three schools on Monday -- Bear Creek Middle School, Woodland Middle School and Creekside High School. Creekside was closed because of its proximity to the middle schools, because the schools often share staff members, and because families often have students in both schools, Looney said.

At this time, it is unclear if the employee was in contact with someone who recently traveled to high-risk areas.


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