ATLANTA, GA (CBS46) At the inaugural Cyber Defense Education Foundation conference at Atlanta Tech Village, cyber security experts from around the world met to discuss the latest in cyber safety. The meeting comes timely, less than two weeks before Super Bowl 53.

“Any time you bring more people into a city, more people into an infrastructure, you're prone for more types of attacks,” said Senseon USA CEO Kate Kuehn.

Attacks are usually financially motivated, with crooks stealing personal information to make money.

“Everything from trying to disrupt the games online to how do you look at targeting the sponsors and the ads. How do you look at disrupting WiFi at the facilities, things at the games...”

On Tuesday, experts gave advice on what you can do to reduce your risk of getting hacked.

“Don't give your password away,” said Michael Daugherty, Founder and CEO of the Cyber Education Foundation. “Back up your data. Keep it offline when it's not being backed up. Back it up regularly. Check your bank account. Don't use a debit card unless you have to.”

“Taking a look at emails that come from a suspicious source or things that wouldn't normally come,” said Kuehn. “Phishing attacks are big and prevalent. Making sure that if they're using WiFi in facilities near the super bowl, that it's secured.”

The city of Atlanta was the target of a cyber-attack last year. Criminals crippled the city's computer systems and demanded a ransom.

“The anecdote to a ransomware attack if you're an organization is your always backing up everything into a separate network,” said privacy litigator Douglas Meal.

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