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In a scathing letter, the Georgia Republican House Caucus responded to the Coca-Cola Company's opposition of Georgia's controversial new voting law, SB 202.

In the letter, members of that caucus noted Coca-Cola's reputation as one of the state's most successful companies, while expressing displeasure at the soda giant's stance against SB202, a stance also recently taken by Delta Airlines, Major League Baseball, and others.

Representatives from the caucus alleged that Coca-Cola had sought to "intentionally mislead the citizens of Georgia and deepen a divide in our great state." The letter goes on to list what the caucus considers the key points of the new law, urging Coca-Cola to reread the legislation which has been considered a voter suppression bill by many.

The caucus mentioned what they perceived as Coca-Cola giving into the "cancel culture" atmosphere, then requesting that all Coca-Cola Company products be removed from their office suite immediately. Members ended the letter with the opportunity to reforge the relationship should Coca-Cola reverse their stance.

The correspondence, which can be viewed below, was signed by Rep. Victor Anderson (District 10), Rep. Matt Barton (District 5), Rep. Clint Crowe (District 110), Rep. Stan Gunter (District 8), Rep. Dewayne Hill (District 3), Rep. Lauren McDonald, III (District 26), Rep. Jason Ridley (District 6), and Rep. Marcus Wiedower (District 119), with Gov. Brian Kemp among the list of names CC'ed at the bottom.

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MLB pulls All-Star game from Georgia after governor signed into law SB 202 which changed the voting laws for residents.

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