ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- October 10th is World Mental Health Day and the Johns Creek Veterans Assocation is among the many organizations raising awareness about the issue.

The group is partnering with The Birdwell Foundation for PTSD for the inaugural “No One Heals Alone” benefit gala at Fox Theater. Proceeds will fund programs to treat military veterans, first responders, and their families, affected by PTSD. Combat veteran Roger Marshall Jr. recalls how the program became the turning point in his life.

“The only thing I had left after suffering from PTSD was my two service dogs. So I opened the front door and I sat in my window on the second floor and took the riffle and was going to fire”, said Marshall. “I was listening to the radio at the time and they were talking about a program for the Birdwell Foundation” Marshall added.

That was the moment Marshall says he decided to call the number being advertised. After speaking to a grief counselor, Marshall was enrolled in a PTSD program that changed his life.

To help other veterans, the Johns Creeks Veterans Association partnered with the Birdwell Foundation for the inaugural “No One Heals Alone” benefit gala. Michael Mizell from the JCVA says proceeds from the event will help veterans like Marshall get their lives back on track.

“They are averaging over 1,800 people a month across eight states. Right now they are helping them find the type of care they need to move forward and put their lives back together so they can be a productive part of society,” added Mizell.

With more than 22 veterans said to commit suicide each day, Marshall says there is an extreme need for PTSD program funding.

“The Birdwell Foundation is different, we focus on community integration, we have peer-to-peer mentorship. The peer-to-peer mentorship is significant because there are other veterans or first responders, who’s found their way out of the darkness of PTSD helping you. So people are more apt to relate to someone who’s suffered some of the same difficulties in their life that you suffered” added Marshall.

To find out more about the program go to

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