Gas prices going up in Georgia


Starting Wednesday, gas prices will go up in Georgia.

The rise in prices at the pump will send you back six to seven cents per gallon.

The extra cents will stem from Georgia's new way of taxing gas. An excise tax of 26 percent a gallon will apply and will work like a flat rate.

“Even though the gas tax officially increases Wednesday, you likely won't see an immediate jump in pump prices, because gas stations usually phase-in the price increase over a short period of time rather than all at once,” said Garrett Townsend, Director of Public Affairs for AAA Georgia. “Regardless of the tax adjustment, motorists are still expected to pay much less at the pump compared to last year. In fact, the change comes at a time when gas prices are on their way back down.”

“I'm about it, it's pretty good…not a whole lot of money they're asking for,” said driver Kaatib Omari.

“It's just like another hard pill we have to swallow. Unfortunately, gas prices are fluctuating so it's going to be a little annoying,” said driver Ateara Garrison.

According to AAA, the move will be beneficial because all of the taxes collected will go toward transportation needs.

“AAA supports the new tax as it means more money will be allocated to transportation infrastructure improvements including much needed repairs on state roads and bridges,” said Karen Morgan, manager, Public Policy, AAA – The Auto Club Group.

“Hopefully it goes to what it is supposed to really be going for because you know how they tax you and we don't know where these tax dollars go,” Garrison said.

“If they fix all the roads up I guess it's good you know, but I don't know about $.26 on the gallon,” said driver Jose Martinez.Copyright 2015 WGCL-TV (Meredith Corporation). All rights reserved.



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