“I don’t give a **** about the Black neighborhood,” were the words a local gas station clerk was caught saying on video.

The vicious words from the Exxon Mobile gas station clerk were allegedly followed up with disparaging comments from the owner. 

“He was like get the **** out of here you food stamp cockroach," explained Joe Jones who has since organized protests at the Flat Shoals Road gas station. "Three days after that he called another Black man begging monkey,” added Jones..

The disgusting racial slurs triggered the community to unite and fight back. According to the gas station owner, the clerk took to social media to apologize for his harsh words.

“He went online and apologized, he went to Instagram, several different social media and apologized for this,” said the Exxon owner.

The clerk also posted the following message to social media: Please forgive me. Okay, I work for the store for almost 10 years please give me one more chance and I promise you I will never make this mistake again.

But for Jones an apology isn’t enough.

“He had on a company shirt in the video, in the video that surfaced, and its Exxon gas station so I want them to hold them [the clerk and owner] to the highest level of accountability. We deserve a response you know," said Jones. He added that he has reached out to the company for support but has yet to get a response. Still, he says he will not stop until there is justice.

“We need to spend to our community's benefit. So we’re here until we shut the store down, this is day 26 of this boycott and we will be here for however long it takes,” Jones said.

ExxonMobil released the following statement: 

"ExxonMobil does not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment by any company representative. ExxonMobil’s global policies promote diversity and inclusion and prohibit any form of discrimination or harassment in any company workplace, anywhere in the world. ExxonMobil does not own or operate any retail fuels stations in the United States, but we are aware of the situation and take these matters very seriously. Exxon and Mobil stations are supplied by authorized independent branded wholesalers who either operate the stations directly or have a contractual relationship with an independent owner/operator. We are in touch with the branded wholesaler who is looking into the matter further."

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