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LOGANVILLE, Ga. (CBS46) A teacher at a Gwinnett County school is in hot water after allegedly providing answers to a milestones test to her students.

The school district is investigating a math teacher at Grace Snell Middle School, who allegedly provided her students the Georgia Milestones Formula Sheet before they took the math portion of the test.

She also allegedly allowed them to make notes from the sheet that they could use as a study guide when taking the exam.

The sheet was allegedly provided to as many as 110 students in the eighth grade. 

The GCPS has launched an investigation into the situation.

Grace Snell Middle School Principal Allen Craine sent this note to parents, informing them of the situation:

"Dear Grace Snell Middle School Parents and Guardians of 8th Graders in Team B:

I am writing to inform you of a situation that occurred during your child’s Milestones testing. We learned of an issue related to the administration of the math portion of the test. It appears that your child’s math teacher provided students the Georgia Milestones Formula Sheet prior to their taking the math portion of the test and allowed them to make notes on the sheet. She then allowed them to use it as a “study guide” while they were taking their tests. This practice is not allowed and has been reported to the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE).

As the investigation into this matter is ongoing both at the state and local level there is little else I can share. Should it be determined that any school staff violated state or local testing procedures appropriate personnel action will be taken. In addition, we are working with the GaDOE as some students will be asked to retake the math portion of the test. That math retest is scheduled for Wednesday, June 26, following summer school. We will communicate to you any need for a retest once that is determined.

We take any allegation regarding questionable testing practices very seriously as assessment is a key piece of the teaching and learning process. Our students are important and we have a responsibility to ensure that they have learned the curriculum and are ready for the future."

Mr. Allen Craine


Grace Snell Middle School

As the Georgia Department of Education reviews the tests, it is possible that results could invalidated. If that occurs, students would be given the chance to retake the math portion of the test in June.

Stay with CBS46 News for updates.

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I’m on the team that has to retake this and this information is so false🤦🏽‍♂️ It makes me so sad that my teacher is being put under investigation when she did nothing wrong😔

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