Georgia Emergency Management gets ready for Erika


Georgia emergency officials are getting ready for tropical storm Erika by preparing for the worst.

“We’re on a higher state of alert and ready to react,” said Jim Butterworth, director of Emergency Management and Homeland Security in Georgia.

With all hands on deck, Georgia’s emergency management agency (GEMA) is gearing up for any destruction Erika may bring with her.

“[We've] begun the process of positioning men and equipment to put them in the specific areas that could be impacted,” said Butterworth. “Worst case scenario would be putting national guard individuals in place, beginning the evacuation process.”

However, he said there’s still some time before the storm hits the U.S.

“We don’t want to overreact, we don’t want to expend sources we don’t need to, but if it becomes fairly obvious that the threat is such that we need to do that, this place will be very busy,” said Butterworth.

Georgia officials said families should be weather aware and stock up on whatever they need on a daily basis.

“You want to make sure you have a three day supply of nonperishable food and water,” said one GEMA staff member.

Other essentials like medication and important documents should also be kept hand. Lastly, emergency officials said you should have a communication plan in place in case family members get separated.

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