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How to deal with the families of fallen soldiers is one of the latest controversies involving President Trump. He reportedly made a call to the widow of a serviceman killed in Niger and told her he "knew what he signed up for, but I guess it still hurts."

A Georgia Gold Star family who has experienced the ultimate loss shared their feelings about the latest presidential dust up with CBS46.

The Rincon house hasn't been the same since 2003. Fourteen years ago, 19-year-old Diego Rincon told his dad, George, there was a chance he could die while giving it his all fighting in Iraq.

That self-proclaimed fate became a reality for the tight-knit Georgia family.

"He was a very smart guy, he went to the Army because he was trying to do something for the United States and for us," says George Rincon. "I was very happy at the time because that was my only member of the family in the Armed Services and it was something special for us."

"March 29, 2004 around 1:15, the United States Army sent the Chaplain and someone else from the Army, and when I saw that van approaching the house, [I thought], Wow, that's not happening to me."

Immediately after finding out about Diego's death, the family received hundreds of letters and phone calls, but there was one call they never received.

"Did I get a call from the president at the time, Mr. George Bush? Nobody called us to say your son is dead," says George Rincon.

It's a call he's still waiting on, so he says it's not OK that people are attacking President Trump for alleged comments made to the widow of a U.S. serviceman killed in the line of duty. Rincon says it is an honor to receive a call from the president after such a tragedy.

Rincon says the conversation should have remained between the two.

"This is not the first time somebody said they know why they signed up for this. I've heard it before," says George Rincon.

The Rincons say they're happy to see a president making the calls and believe there is good intention.

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