ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- Despite business closures around the country and COVID cases, the Georgia film and television industry is already back to work.

And the Georgia Film Academy is working hard to make sure the business stays here, open and safe. Currently there are at least 20 entertainment projects actively in production or prepping to begin shooting. To keep this billion-dollar business strong there is a need to train and employ TV and film workers. Georgia Film Academy is doing just that with safety first in mind.

Georgia has everything filmmakers need to make great content. Tax credit, infrastructure, and vendor support services. When the pandemic hit the question was how to make sure the state’s billion-dollar industry stays intact.

Created in 2015 by legislation to put Georgians to work in all aspects of the state's booming film industry, The Georgia Film Academy has launched COVID Compliance Courses, a first-ever of its kind.

“So, this is a course which can be taken online its entirely free entirely available to the production community and it will soon be available to our students,” says Jeffrey Stepakoff, Executive Director of The Georgia Film Academy.

GFA worked in conjunction with the University System of Georgia and the Technical College System of Georgia to create the protocols. They are approved by the CDC and Georgia Department of Public Health.

“This course, the first part of it teaches the fundamentals that you need to know to be safe in a film and television production environment on set and on a sound stage,” says Stepakoff.

“In addition, there are now components of the compliance course which are coming online which will have craft specific parts to it. So if you want to work in grip, if you work in electric, in craft services, the Georgia Film Academy COVID compliance course provides best practices.”

Georgia still plays a leading role in the entertainment sector. The state landed in the top spot for film production as ranked by Business Facilities Magazine.

It is the first time the publication scored locations for the entertainment business.

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