Georgia House bill regulates booting

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It's the accessory you never want to see on your car- a boot. But did you know there is no state law regulating it?

The Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee met at the State Capitol Monday to amend a bill that attempts to regulate car booting.

The bill sets rules for booting companies on private property. It requires parking lots to have proper signage in both the front and back of lots. It also demands booting companies to respond to booted cars no longer than an hour after the driver calls for the boot to be taken off.

Originally, the bill upped the booting fee from $75 to $85. Monday, the committee voted to reduce the fee to $65.

Currently, five counties prohibit booting, including Cobb, Gwinnett, Cherokee, and Clayton Counties. An amendment to the bill today requires all city councils to vote on legalizing booting.

If a jurisdiction does not vote, booting in the city will become illegal. Those who oppose the bill say it doesn't provide enough protection to the consumer. Those who support it gives much needed restrictions to booting companies making money off illegal parking.

The bill still needs to go through several committees before making it to the House floor.

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