ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- Pictures, posts and memes mocking President Trump’s comment about disinfectants and Coronavirus have flooded many social media timelines.

However, after that statement suggesting injections of disinfectants can stave off Covid-19,  areas around the country reported a spike in calls to poison control centers.

The president later said he was merely being sarcastic.

On Monday during a press conference, President Trump said he wouldn’t take any responsibility for people using disinfectants, even if they were to die.

Director of the Georgia Poison Control Center Gaylord Lopez said he hasn’t seen an increase in the number of calls. However he did say two men reportedly drank cleaning chemicals over the weekend.

One of them allegedly consumed 16 ounces of bleach and was in the hospital for 24 hours. He said the other person ingested Pine-sol, mouthwash, beer and pain medicine. Both poison victims are okay.

Lopez told CBS46 he’s concerned psychiatric issues may have been in play.

While he believes they drank the cleaning products to prevent themselves from contracting Covid-19, Lopez said he doesn’t think it has anything to do with President Trump.

“Even before the President made any of these comments we were getting calls from people doing anything from drinking hand sanitizer to gargling with bleach,” said Lopez.

Psychologist Brianna Gaynor said right now people are vulnerable, so leaders shouldn’t create more options for people to do things that are unsafe.

“Desperation kind of goes along with that, and you’re willing to try whatever it takes to get you out of this difficult situation,” said Gaynor.

Lopez said you should read the label of every cleaning product you use and put them away when you finish using them to prevent children from getting a hold them. 

To contact the Georgia Poison Control Center, call (800) 222-1222.

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I'm pretty sure Sir Charles Darwin covered this in the origin of species. Oh yeah and the warning label on the bottles blatantly state do not ingest.

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