Georgia's Attorney General sues dealer over customer complaints; Can Harry help?

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Over the past year, Better Call Harry has gotten many complaints about a Duluth car dealership. Georgia's Attorney General has since filed a lawsuit against Gwinnett Mitsubishi and its sister dealership, Gwinnett Suzuki.

This time, when Harry tried to help, he got a big surprise.

Wayne Bond and Debbie Toland are strangers with a common bond -- they bought their cars at Gwinnett Mitsubishi and have been fighting with the dealership for months.

For the better part of the summer, and into the fall, Bond, Toland and many other new car customers have been fighting the dealership to get what they should have gotten within 30 days.

Theirs tags and titles.

When we met Bond, he couldn't drive his Mitsubishi Outlander because the temporary tag had expired.

"They gave me this piece of paper saying in case I get stopped by a policeman, that the car is a loaner car, that it's still their car," says Bond.

When we first met Toland, she was on her second temporary tag and it was about to expire.

"I guess I'll have to park the car," says Toland.

Making matters worse, both Bond and Toland discovered that the dealership never paid off the loans on their trade-ins. By the time Toland found out, she was two months behind on a car she no longer owned.

"It has ruined my credit," says Toland, adding they they owed her $2,200.

This is not our first story about Gwinnett Mitsubishi. Many customers have complained, prompting the state's Attorney General to file a lawsuit.

We wanted to help, but when we went to the dealership, there was nobody home. However, we got a tip that the operation had moved to Gravity Autos on Pleasant Hill Road, where Harry pleaded with a manger to help Bond and Toland.

He did.

"After nearly three months, I finally got my tags. Thanks Harry, I'm glad the nightmare is over," says Bond.

Bond can drive his car legally, and Toland got her tag and the loan paid on her trade.

Over the past few months, we've helped several Gwinnett Mitsubishi customers with similar problems. Please do three things before you buy your next car: Check the reviews Check with the Better Business Bureau If you can wait, don't trade in your old car until it's paid off.You can email Harry at

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