Georgia senator pushes back on plan to rename Russell Senate building

(Source: AP)

Georgia Senator David Perdue is pushing back on a plan to rename the Russell Senate building in honor of John McCain.

The Arizona Republican Senator died on Saturday at the age of 81.

Democrat Chuck Shumer is calling for the change, and he has bipartisan support. The building is named after Georgia Democrat Richard Russell, who was a vocal proponent of segregation.

Now, a trio of Southern senators are warning their colleagues against making a decision too quickly.

Alabama Republican Richard Shelby says Russell shouldn't be judged only on his civil rights record. And today, Georgia Republican David Perdue was quoted as saying, "this renaming thing because of one issue is somewhat troubling. The fact that it's been brought into this John McCain thing I think is inappropriate."

CBS46 reached out to Perdue's office for clarification. They only responded with the same quote they sent us Monday, which says,Will be willing to discuss memorializing McCain legacy, at a later date.”The Senate Majority Leader says he's going to put together a senate committee to decide how best to honor John McCain.

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