The battle for power in the United States Congress comes down to Georgia. Two key senate races control our nation’s destiny.

The first runoff features senator Kelly Loeffler and Raphael Warnock. The second runoff is between Senator David Perdue and Jon Ossoff.

“Unless we win these Senate races, we will not be able to enact the policies necessary to control this pandemic and recover economically,” Ossoff said.

Ossoff has challenged Purdue to three televised debates, this after the Senator dropped out of the final debate before the general election.

“If a sitting U.S. Senator refuses to debate that says a lot about their lack of self-confidence and the fact that he doesn’t feel he has much to run on,” Ossoff said.

Perdue and Republicans like their chances of defeating Ossoff and what they call his radical socialist agenda. The GOP in Cobb County will welcome U.S. Senator Marco Rubio to town on Wednesday to rally support for conservatives.

“Television ads are already running, digital ads are already running, you have to assume that mail pieces are already being designed or have already dropped,” Political strategist Mark Rountree said.

There is no question that hundreds of millions of dollars will be spent in Georgia on these two races attracting the attention of the entire nation.

“This is an election that may decide all of America’s energy policy, tax policy, this is an election that is about everything,” Rountree said.

If Democrats win, they will take full control in Washington and have a clear path to push their agenda through. If Republicans win these two runoffs, they will maintain control of the Senate and create a system of checks and balances in Congress.

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Mr. Murphy, your comment "If Republicans win these two runoffs, they will maintain control of the Senate and create a system of checks and balances in Congress." is bias. As we know, the party that rules the Senate basically decides what happens. The current Republican Senate has proven that. It is not Checks and Balances as there were no Checks or Balances with the SCOTUS scandal, nor when the Senate refused to honor their oath of office and hold a complete Impeachment hearing. And the so-called Checks and Balances has done nothing about the scandals in the White House.

This comment is much like one by a former CBS46 reporter who lost his job for interjecting personal political opinions.

Now if this was an Opinion piece that would be a different matter. It, however, is not an Opinion piece.

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