Georgia State Rep asks if people with HIV should be quarantined


State Rep. Betty Price questioned if people infected with HIV should be quarantined.

"What are we legally able to do, and I don't want to say the quarantine word, but I guess I just said it," said Price.

She posed that question about people who tests positive for HIV and Aids in Georgia to a doctor with the state health department.

"We have a public interest in curtailing the spread," said Price. "What would you advise, or are there any methods legally that we could do that would curtail the spread?"

The idea of quarantining people with HIV is not sitting well with the executive director of AID Atlanta, one of the biggest aids outreach groups in the South.

Nicole Reobuck works with aids patients on a daily basis and has for 17 years. The Centers for Disease Control considers Atlanta an epicenter of a new HIV/aids epidemic and compares the prevalence of the disease here to third-world African countries.

Roebuck says the way to stop the spread is by raising funding and awareness, both goals of an Aids Walk at Piedmont Park on Sunday.

Roebuck argues any suggestion of quarantining people living with aids will only further stigmatize and isolate the community, making the on-going epidemic in Atlanta worse.

CBS46 reached out to Price for comment for this report and so far we have not heard back.

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