Georgia Supreme Court bans adult businesses in Sandy Springs from selling alcohol

Source: WGCL

On Roswell Road in Sandy Springs, there are several adult entertainment businesses that have been operating for decades.

Flasher’s has been around for 28 years, but now they fear their business could be in jeopardy.

"The strip club industry in Atlanta is kind of like a giant family. Here in particular I have about 120 employees that are probably going to lose their livelihood over this," said John Abate, Flasher’s General Manager. Supreme Court Ruling During the past few years, city leaders have made a push to prevent strip clubs from serving alcohol. But, Maxim Cabaret which runs the Doll House and Coronet Club has been fighting back calling it unconstitutional. The Georgia Supreme court disagreed and sided with the City of Sandy Springs.

"A lot of other strip clubs are going to be in jeopardy from this ruling is what it sounds like especially with a lot of other cities incorporating around Atlanta," said Abate. Management at Flasher’s said they pay the city hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes. Yet business as usual could soon be a thing of the past.

"It would be like taking Coca-Cola away from McDonald’s," said Abate. "It doesn’t seem right to me because we pay a lot of taxes, we do a lot for the city, we’ve done a lot in the way of charities and so does every other club by the way. This is not just my club I’m speaking for."

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