Georgia Supreme Court reverses conviction in Lil' Wayne tour bus shooting


In a surprising development with the case against a man accused of shooting up Lil' Wayne's tour bus in Atlanta, the Georgia Supreme Court overturned his conviction on the grounds that he was pressured to take a plea deal.

According to prosecutors, everything began in April 2015 when Atlanta rapper Young Thug was booed off stage in New Orleans, presumably by fans of Lil' Wayne.

Meanwhile, 500 miles away, he knew Lil' Wayne was taking the stage at The Compound in northwest Atlanta around the same time, and prosecutors say Young Thug wanted to send him a message.

After the concert, court documents say Young Thug's associates caught up with Lil' Wayne's tour bus and riddled it with bullets.

Nobody on board was hit, but investigators set out to find the shooter.

Police found many clues pointing to a man named Jimmy Winfrey, and one, in particular, was in a Young Thug's music video, where he said if he ever pulled up to Lil' Wayne, he would pop him in the noggin'.

Winfrey was in that same video, holding a gun. Police also say it was Winfrey's car used in the drive-by shooting, and Winfrey was spotted trying to confront Lil' Wayne before he got on the tour bus.

Winfrey took a plea deal for 10 years, but the Georgia Supreme Court reversed that conviction Friday on the grounds that the trial judge bullied Winfrey into it. She threatened that she wouldn't give him parole if he was found guilty, and said, " reputation is not that I'm an easy judge. I know it, you know it, the whole community knows it. So if that's what you want to go up against, be my guest."

Winfrey's lawyer, Steve Sadow, said, “The reversal means the case will be remanded to the trial court for Mr. Winfrey to essentially start the process anew. I’m certain the first order of business will be to seek a reassignment of the case to a different judge.”

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