WALKER COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) -- For the first time in state history, select businesses are now licensed to grow medical marijuana. 

Saturday, we learned the names of those businesses. About 70 applied but only six were selected.

The Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission announced Saturday in a public meeting that Botanical Sciences LLC., Truelieve GA LLC., FFD GA Holdings LLC., Theratrue Georgia LLC., Natures GA LLC. and Treevana Remedy INC. all received licenses.

Two businesses can have up to 100,000 square feet of growth space and the remaining four businesses get 50,000 square feet. They can grow in hothouses, monitored by the state.

"We congratulate those who are potentially going to be recipients of this award and encourage them to move quickly in trying to get the medicines to the patients," said one commission member during Saturday's meeting.

The businesses can grow the crop then convert it to cannabis oil, containing no more than five percent THC.

"This is a huge step, what happened today," said Shannon Cloud. "We have a daughter with a seizure disorder."

She says her daughter greatly benefits from the medicine. "It's amazing the cognitive difference in her when she's taking the oil. It's just she seems to speak and think much clearer when she's on it."

Cloud says she and her husband have been advocating for increased access to medical marijuana in Georgia for years.

"It's huge that patients will no longer have to take risks to get this medicine. The fact that I can now walk into a retail store in Georgia next year and be able to get the medicine without having to go you know, to take risks of breaking the law is huge."

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