A local teen is fighting for his life after a skateboarding accident with no helmet and now his mom is urging others to take the precautions her son did not.

"It takes one fall and you're dead so you wear a helmet, you just do."

With no current Georgia state laws or local ordinances specifically for skateboarders wearing helmets, there's no enforcement of it only encouragement.

Karina Lanford hopes her son's story offers more than enough of it.

"He's struggling to formulate a word, he's struggling to consistently follow simple commands," she described Jackson's recovery.

The 17-year-old is in ICU at Grady Memorial Hospital, he's been there since this weekend.

On Saturday, Jackson went skating with friends in Peachtree City where he lives. An accident led to this head pounding the pavement then sliding. The teen was not wearing any protective gear. Now his senior sports plans at McIntosh High School and his life itself all are in limbo.

Langford told CBS 46 news her son had plans to run track this school year.

"Any minute something could go wrong, something could go wrong." Adding, doctors told their family he's not 'out of the woods' yet.

The mother believes had he been wearing head gear, the injury would likely not be as severe.

"Would the concussion and brain bleed be as significant," she questioned. "Probably not."

Langford continued, "Would it still be there-- quite possibly but I might have a kid that's verbal right now."

Jackson's recovery has been inconsistent but his mom remains hopeful as he managed to waive his hand and say the word 'no' today.

Karina considers her son a strong skater but she says she knows no one is immune to injury. That's why she's urging others to take her son's story as a precautionary tale.

"You think it won't be me, it won't be me...and it could be you."

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