WINDER, Ga. (CBS46) – The Barrow County sheriff's office is still investigating a school fight between two teenagers that has gone viral.

A short video showed the two girls fighting at Winder-Barrow High School.

"We were asked by the school system to investigate this farther, due to the fact one of the students hit a wall, suffering an injury to her head," said Sheriff Jud Smith.

17-year-old Iris Narens was taken to the hospital with a head injury, her mother told CBS46 on Sunday.

Sheriff Smith said there was help on scene immediately following the fight.

"A teacher assisted immediately , the school resource officer acted within minutes," he said. "The child was taken to the school clinic where the registered nurse at the school checked the student immediately."

Sheriff Smith continued to say the school's head trainer also checked Narens for concussion protocol.

According to Smith, Narens' mother chose to take her to the hospital where she was later released.

CBS46 learned from the sheriff's office that the fight started after an argument over a math problem and that words were exchanged by both students.

"The child that received the injury ... they got into the hallway and began arguing and fighting," said Smith. "The other young lady tried to leave, she tried to get around her and fists started flying."

According to the sheriff, when the initial video of the fight spread on social media, not all of the facts were right, including the cause of the fight, as well as other claims.

"This was not a bullying situation," said Smith. "This was an altercation, a one time altercation, between these two people ... there's never been a mention of bullying."

Both students were suspended, but at this time there are no charges.

The sheriff's office is asking anyone with additional video of the fight to let them know.

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