ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- Governor Brian Kemp has been criticized nationally for rushing to reopen Georgia. And while Gov. Kemp thinks it’s safe for patrons to visit certain non-essential businesses amid the Coronavirus pandemic, it seems his mansion will remain off limits.

Despite the state not meeting White House guidelines of a 14-day downward trajectory death toll, Gov. Kemp reopened hair salons, nails barbershops, gyms and bowling alleys.

Immediately protesters took to the streets and made their concerns heard outside his mansion.

“I don’t give a damn about politics right now. We’re talking about people that have put their whole life into building a business.”

A mansion that despite being paid for by tax dollars remains closed to public tours due to concerns over the Coronavirus.

As soon as Kemp began to lift the lockdown, CBS46's Astrid Martinez challenged people to join her in calling the mansion to find out why Kemp would think it’s safe to open certain businesses but not his home.

“if you are calling regarding tours to the mansion museum the mansion will remain closed to the public into further notice,” says a prerecorded message that does not specify why the mansion is closed, nor does it disclose a date for tours to resume.

So Astrid decided to pay the governor a visit. Outside his home she was met by police guarding the gates and a sign that reads, “closed to tours.”

Again she called the governor.

“Well Certainly I hope the governors mansion opens for tours sooner rather than later, but we’re going to continue to follow the guidance that our team’s put together. But the fact of the matter is the people that give the tours at the governors mansion, those citizens are medically fragile and very elderly people so I don’t think that would be a good idea,” said Kemp.

But virus exposure can also happen at all the other businesses Kemp ordered open. Keeping the Governor’s Mansion closed seems contradictory to the message Kemp is putting out about reopening the state.

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