Beer, wine and liquor

Atlanta, GA (CBS46) Something else that happens during the shutdown. No beer. No wine. And no liquor.

At least for businesses wanting to roll out new products.

CBS46's Melissa Stern found a brewery that can't get a license.

“The agency that’s required to approve all of those is just not able to do it’s job right now,” said Justin Waller, the co-owner of Schoolhouse Brewing.

“We have to go through federal licensing, we have to go through state licensing, we have to go through local licensing, and we were halfway through the federal licensing when the shutdown happened, so when that happened, everything just stopped,” said Thomas Monti, the head brewer and co-owner of Schoolhouse Brewing.

Schoolhouse Brewing is an open source production brewery in Marietta, Georgia.

“There are a couple issues that are going on right now, one is, for new breweries like us, we’re looking to get our licensing and that is stalled,” added Monti.

While they’re still on track to open when they plan to, the owners say if the shutdown continues it could be a problem.

“Yeah, we’re 23 days behind,” Monti said, “Every day that it takes a little bit longer is a day that it eats into what our projected times were.”

Their motto is “education meets recess.”

They want everyone to learn about craft beer.

In fact, they’ll even give you the recipe to all of the beers they produce, so you can brew it at home.

But there’s no beer flowing here…yet…and the shutdown could only delay the process.

“We’re also both former educators, so we’re used to surprises and having to be flexible and patient,” Waller said.

The co-owners started their licensing about a month and a half ago, and they’re optimistic the shutdown will end sooner than later.

“The good news is, they’re going to pick up right where they left off, the last time there was a government shutdown, everybody had to start from day one,” Monti added, “It’s funny…we’re still having to pay the tax on all the beer…It’s bad timing for anybody who’s trying to get anything done.”

As the shutdown continues, beer drinks won’t see many new brands on the shelves.

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