More coronavirus vaccines are on the way to Georgia, but Governor Brian Kemp said it still won't be enough to get everyone vaccinated.

Kemp said his priority is the coronavirus and getting more people vaccinated.

“It’s not just's restaurant owners, lawyers, judges... so we can open the courts back up, grocery store clerks, everybody wants to be… everybody is essential, and I understand that,” Kemp said.

The governor said the state health department will be getting about 25,000 new doses of the coronavirus vaccine starting next week, but he is working with the Biden administration to get more. And he said he’s communicating with both sides of the aisle to get more.

“I talked to several members of Congress about a few things. I talked to Sen. Ossoff this morning. So, we continue to stay in contact with the Congressional delegation,” he said.

He’s already gearing up for reelection in 2021. Kemp said claims that Georgia has become a blue state are not accurate – adding Republicans must keep working to win.

“A couple of things the Democrats have been out working us on and the ground game is one of them – we have learned from that and we will be watching that – we will be prepared in 2022 to combat that,” he said.

In a digital exclusive, CBS46's Karyn Greer talks to Governor Brian Kemp about the big issues impacting Georgians right now.

As for the nasty feud with former President Trump, that began after the governor defied Trump’s wishes and backed Sen. Kelly Loeffler to fill the seat vacated by Sen. Johnny Isakson, he said we must keep moving forward.

“A lot of people felt like if everyone lined up behind Kelly, she could have won that race – you can make political arguments either way. Both are my friends. The election is over – we are going to work on election reform. It’s easy to vote hard to cheat – got to keep moving forward,” Kemp explained.

The governor said he’s not too concerned about tough political blows.

“A month before the election, I said people don’t need to be distracted … it was a good lesson for us,” he said.

The nasty feud between Trump and Kemp may still be on the minds of some Georgians as the state’s two new Senators took their oaths of office just last week. Kemp said it is time to move on and focus on what the residents of Georgia need – the coronavirus vaccine.

With Georgia averaging more than seven thousand coronavirus cases a day, Kemp explained his plan. It includes making sure there is an easy way to sign up to get the vaccine.

“We are working on that right now – also to include a lot of other providers to spread the distribution out so it doesn’t matter where you are, where you live, what community you are getting the same opportunity as anyone else,” he said.

Kemp said his main priority is to get more coronavirus vaccine in Georgia – and that will happen as more companies get FDA approval to distribute vaccines.

When asked about a possible mask mandate as our numbers continue to rise, Kemp said that’s not the answer and that frequently washing your hands and social distancing works.

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