Governor Brian Kemp (Getty Images)

ATLANTA (AP) -- Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp plans to seek federal approval to expand Medicaid to the poorest, able-bodied adults. But his proposal is more limited than most other states, and would require the adults to work, volunteer, receive job training or attend school.

Kemp unveiled the plan on Monday, expanding Medicaid to adults who make no more than the federal poverty level. They'll have to pay monthly premiums and spend at least 80 hours a month working, volunteering, training or studying. Kemp's office calls it a conservative reform that reflects the state's values.

The Republican's work requirement is sure to face opposition. Critics say many adults eligible for Medicaid face barriers to entering the workforce, including medical conditions and care-taking responsibilities.

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So in other words, to quote the navigator from the federal healthcare marketplace website, "you ain't egglagibble"


The entire point of Medicaid is to allow folks who are ill or injured be able to work. My autistic neighbor can mow lawn with direction but he needs to see a medical doctor about his diabetes. If he can’t afford to see a doctor to keep his diabetes in check with insulin (very expensive) and other meds he can’t even mow a lawn.

Plus it says “able-bodied.” What about people who have very low IQs such as 35. Just what job or training or volunteering can they do? None. It’s like asking a two year old to do anything--impossible. I’m an MD. I have 56 year old patients who have depended on medicaid their entire lives. Plus you have parents with 5 children--who takes care of the children if both parents are required to work to get Medicaid?

This is not thought out.

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