Grady, Emory team up to crack down on auto accidents

Source: WGCL

Auto accidents are one of the leading causes of death in America. And here in Atlanta, two local hospitals are teaming up to hopefully bring those numbers down.

Derrick Baker knows just how dangerous local streets are in the city. He's an Uber driver. Spending more than 40 hours a week behind the wheel traveling across metro Atlanta. And every single day he sees some sort of fender bender.

"I've seen a car on fire. I've seen a car go over and flip," said Baker.

In Atlanta, car crashes are a top killer.

"In fact, it's the number one cause of death due to injury that we see at Grady," said Dr. David Wright

David Wright, a Grady Hospital physician of emergency medicine is now working to make Atlanta auto accidents less deadly.

Grady and Emory hospitals are teaming up on a new project. Working with a $4 million grant from the National Highway of Traffic Safety Administration.

"What the investigators do when they get on scene, the look inside the vehicle and see whats damaged maybe it's the stick shift. Maybe it's the steering wheel and then we literally match that to the injury on the patient."

That information is then given back to the car's maker with the idea they make the recommended adjustments to future vehicles. Which will hopefully prevent the same injuries from happening again.

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