Grandmother of child killed: 'I believe she murdered her'


Two-year-old Laila Marie Daniel died on November 17 while in the care of her foster mother, Jennifer Rosenbaum.

Jennifer Rosenbaum, who had planned to run for a seat on the Henry County Board of Commissioners, is charged with murder, aggravated assault and two counts of cruelty to children.

Joseph Rosenbaum is charged with two counts of cruelty to children.

Both are out on bond.

In a CBS46 exclusive, Meghan Packer spoke with Laila's grandmother. This is the first time we're hearing from Gina Banks since many of the details of Laila's death have come out.

Banks is heartbroken and looking for answers.

“It kills me, all I do, my life consists of sleeping and waking up and looking at Facebook and crying," she said. "It kills me to know she was hurting like that."

As CBS46 first reported last month, court paperwork and records from the Division of Family and Children Services shed light on conditions Laila allegedly faced in foster care and on the circumstances surrounding the death.

In a DFACS report, Jennifer Rosenbaum said Laila was choking on a piece of chicken and Rosenbaum said she tried to clear the child's airway with her fingers and then with a butter knife.

A warrant states Rosenbaum struck the child in the abdomen with such force that her pancreas was cut. Laila was believed to have gone into shock because of blood loss from the injury.

According to the report, the autopsy did not show Laila choked. Preliminary autopsy findings suggested her death was due to abuse. DFACS is still waiting on the completed autopsy report.

"I believe she murdered her, I do. I don't think it was an accident," said Banks, who said her daughter and Rosenbaum were in a shelter together about ten years ago. “We really feel like there was a personal vendetta.”

Laila's biological family did not meet state guidelines to keep Laila and her siblings.

As Banks mourns the loss of her granddaughter, she is outraged the Rosenbaums were let out on bond.

"I feel as though the bond should be revoked. They don't need to be out in this world, they need to be locked away," said Banks.

Two case workers have been separated from the agency over this case.

CBS46 reached out to Rosenbaum's attorney for comment and has not heard back.

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