The grandmother of Emani Moss, the 10-year-old girl who police said was starved to death, speaks out about her death and that her son and his wife are accused of her murder.

"I am just overwhelmed and everything I hear gets more devastating," Robin Moss said.

Robin Moss hasn't slept since she learned Emani was found dead in a trash can outside her son's Lawrenceville apartment Saturday morning.

Her son, Eman Moss, and his wife, Tiffany Moss, are charged with murder. Police believe Emani died of starvation, a death that was likely slow and painful.

"I know it was horrific. I don't know if I could have bear what she bear," Robin Moss said.

Robin Moss said she raised her granddaughter from birth through age 7.

"She sang and she played and she loved to cook and she loved to read. Her passion was cooking," Robin Moss said.

She fought for full custody, but a few years ago, she said her granddaughter began splitting time between her and her dad.

"He got married and her life changed. I can feel like something's not right and then they started distancing her from me," Robin Moss said.

She said she hadn't been allowed to see her granddaughter since Mother's Day. And now, it's her son who stands accused in robbing her of her grandchild.

"I don't know what my feelings are right now. I know he's my son. I know I can't hate him but I can hate what he have done," Robin Moss said.

Robin Moss believes her granddaughter was without a voice, trying to reach out for help. And she was too.

"I said I tried to tell y'all if you had helped me fight this fight, she would be alive today and I told y'all if you don't help me, they're gonna kill her," Robin Moss said.

Robin Moss feels her pleas went unanswered. The murder investigation reveals there were warning signs of trouble: Tiffany Moss was arrested three years ago after a school counselor noticed signs of abuse on Emani Moss and last year there was another complaint of child abuse against Tiffany Moss.

"DFCS was involved in her life since she was a little baby," Robin Moss said.

Reporter Jennifer Mayerle asked, "Do you think they should have seen what was going on?"

"They don't care, they don't care," Robin Moss said.

Robin Moss said she will continue to fight for other children who don't have a voice.

"It's time for people if you see something wrong. Don't be afraid. Let somebody know these kids are crying for help," Robin Moss said.

Late Tuesday, DFCS's responded to CBS Atlanta News request for an interview with this statement, "The loss of any child's life is painful, but the details surrounding the deaths of both 12-year-old Eric Forbes and 10-year-old Emani Moss paint a picture more tragic than many in this agency's history.

Our hearts go out to those we know whose grief is inconsolable.

The Department of Human Services Division of Family and Children Services and the Department of Human Services Office of Inspector General will continue to investigate the agency's involvement in the lives of these two children, and DFCS' actions after every report of abuse will be under the toughest scrutiny.

As we review actions in those specific cases, we are constantly working to improve how we ascertain our goals of protecting Georgia's children.

These efforts include reaching out to experts from across the country and our partners in protecting Georgia's children in the judicial and law enforcement arena.

We are already moving forward with plans to tailor training for our case workers based on data that would predict trends in our practice, and we will soon implement internal "safety roundtables," which will serve to review cases at the state level before workers can screen them out or close an investigation.

Protecting Georgia's children is our driving purpose and as we complete the review of these two cases, we will keep Georgians informed about how we implement policies to prevent these tragedies in the future."

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