Grant Park residents fed up with rash of car break-ins


Police are on the hunt for the crooks responsible for several more car break-ins overnight in one of Atlanta’s in-town neighborhoods.

The crime trend is a huge topic of conversation right now in the Grant Park community of southeast Atlanta. Neighbors have been vocal about the problem, contacting police by phone, email, and even social media.

The outcry has helped. Officers said they're doing more overnight patrols. Still, it wasn't enough to prevent six more car break-ins Tuesday morning. While on patrol at about 4:45 a.m., an officer discovered six cars that someone had just burglarized.

According to Atlanta police, cars parked along street curbs often are targets for criminals looking for an easy opportunity.

Neighbors told CBS46 News, crooks have been coming through the neighborhood in the middle of the night, checking car door handles. The cars left unlocked almost always get rummaged through. Neighbors have learned to take all valuables with them after they park their cars. Still sometimes, crooks break a window anyway, hoping to find something hidden that might be valuable.

Someone recently broke into Stephanie Bellinger's car but didn't take anything.

“It cost us like $300 to repair it, so we are fortunate that it wasn’t too much more than that, but still, that’s $300," said Bellinger.

Walt McGinnis said it's enough to make some neighbors want to give up.

“Were at a point where you’d almost rather leave your car door unlocked and empty out your car, just so you’re not getting your window broken," he said. "It’s happening to everybody on the street."

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