ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS460 -- For Marie Gallishaw, the pain of losing her son Gregory Galloway won't go away, but she is committed to helping stop senseless gun violence that took her only son ans left her four grandchildren without their dad.

“I may be sad, but I am not weak,” Gallishaw said Tuesday afternoon in a press conference. “This gave me the strength to fight so no other mother can feel what I feel. This gave me the strength to fight so these men can grow up and be men,” she continued.

Gallishaw was shot and killed around 12:30 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon on May 28, 2017 when two men began firing a gun at the Old Town Villa Apartments in College Park. Gallishaw asked the men to stop because his children were nearby.

The gunman then turned around and shot him.

Ms. Gallishaw was in church when it happened.

“At 1 o'clock I got a text saying that my son was shot 11 times in the back and in the chest because this guy decided he wanted to shoot his guns,” Gallishaw said. “Not only did they shoot my son, they robbed his body when it was on the ground.”

Gallishaw’s attorney Mawuli Davis said following the shooting, the gunman left to change clothes and returned during the police investigation and began smoking marijuana.

“It’s that level of disregard for Mr. Gallishaw’s life that brings us here today and will bring us out on Saturday near the scene of the crime at noon for a rally to lift up his name and to end violence,” Davis said.

Gallishaw was surrounded by men and women from a number of community groups, all committed to changing the lives of criminals, troubled youth, and victims.

“I grew up around the corner and I was shot off Godby Road,” said Keith Lewis, Jr., the co-founder of a community group called “I Am A Father First.” “My parents could have been sitting right here. Glory be to God I am sitting here in a different position and that’s why brother’s like us exist because we know we were one inch away from being in a same situation.”

“I encourage all single mothers, because I was a single mother, all single mothers come out because I don't want you sitting in my seat losing your only child,” added Gallishaw.

The City of South Fulton Police note to CBS46 said that the Godby Road murder occurred within the College Park Police Department jurisdiction. The City of South Fulton PD does not have jurisdiction within that specific area.

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