Group says issues remain in attempt to feed homeless over holiday weekend

Source: WGCL

A controversy over feeding the homeless this past Thanksgiving weekend. Some Atlanta groups were told they needed a permit to do so.

A week ago, CBS46 told you about a volunteer who received a citation for feeding the homeless in a park.

Sunday there were no issues. Everything was going as planned for several community groups set up at hurt park in downtown Atlanta.

Adele Maclean says Georgia State University Police claim it's illegal to give food to the homeless without a food service establishment license, though Sunday, they had no issues.

"We'll feed probably at least maybe 100 people today," Maclean told CBS46 News. "Why are they setting up barriers to taking care of people's human needs."

The GSU police chief said in a statement, "those who feed outdoors with no facilities, sanitation, food safety to prevent food borne illness and no order, create serious issues as hundreds gather for a meal."

The chief also says groups who have an event in the park without a permit that include more than 75 people, are violating Atlanta's large gathering permit process.

Some group organizers say they don't feel sanitation is an issue because they clean up after events.

"It's not the homeless making the city look like this," says Maclean. "It's people driving down the streets in $60 thousand cars throwing stuff out the window and making a mess."

Still, for others, purchasing the permit is just a part of the process.

LaCrisha Burton-Saba says she pays $150 for the permit. She doesn't mind doing so but just wants to know where the money is going.

The GSU chief says he appreciates that so many people want to help the less fortunate but encourages them to donate time to a shelter or organization that provides more than just a meal on the street.

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