ATLANTA (CBS46) -- One of the toughest things veterans have to face is to jump back into civilian life. That's why Stoddard’s Range and Guns sponsored a ‘Bullets with The Brave’ event for Your Grateful Nation.

They held a shooting competition to raise money for the organization which is helping veterans transition from the military to corporate America. Vaeterans had a chance to not only meet with companies but spend some time sharing their shooting tips with them.

“The most challenging thing is the lack of real connection in high performance companies,” said Robert Kirila, the CEO of Your Grateful Nation. “Even though these guys have been the top 1%, and have these incredible experiences, the translation into the private sector is difficult."

Your Grateful Nation is a non-profit and works to be the bridge between the highest performers in the military, and high-performing companies in America.

“Guys with MBAs, Engineering degrees, guys going into private equity, investment banking, consulting…those sorts of things,” Kirila said.

“They’ve found that they work very well for these companies, because the skills they learn in the military, logistics, solving problems…translates very well into industries,” added Ken Baye, the owner of Stoddard’s Range and Guns. “They teach them how business works, how to interview properly, and so forth."

This fundraiser and networking event is helping raise money so veterans don’t have to pay out of pocket for the services. But on top of that, these veterans get the chance to show their value face-to-face, while giving companies an opportunity to gain talent where they would never have looked before.

“A lot of times, we find ourselves, specifically myself, having a difficult time getting in front of people to share our story and put our best foot forward, aside from being just another name on a piece of paper,” said one veteran, Zachary Venning.

The goal is to create relationships that will yield great results for those who have served our country.

“We exist as a way to help them build who they know, and to build how they fit into that particular type industry,” said Kirila.


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