Gun owners rally at Georgia Capitol, demand ban on assault weapons

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On Wednesday morning, gun owners rallied at the Georgia State Capitol to demand lawmakers hold a hearing for House Bill 10, a bill that would ban assault weapons.

Since February’s deadly school shooting, there have been cries for change through rallies, protests and walk-outs.

Clare Schexnyder, the founder of Stop School Shootings Now, said she wants to keep the momentum going, calling on Georgia lawmakers to ban assault weapons.

“Our kids are dying and they’re not doing anything to create new gun laws to legislate,” she said.

Schexnyder said there is a bill before the House Committee that would ban assault weapons, and she wants a hearing on it.

“If they bury the bill, they’re going to bury more kids,” she said.

At Wednesday’s press conference, gun owners who support a ban on military-style guns were in attendance.

“I think everybody should have the right to own guns,” said David Jeager. “I’ll always fight for the right to own guns, but I don’t think there’s a necessity to have assault weapons.”

This call for a ban on assault weapons comes just days before a nationwide rally against gun violence. The March for Our Lives will happen in cities all over the country, including right here in Atlanta.

“We’re expecting anywhere between 7,000-8,000,” said Atlanta Police Deputy Chief Scott Kreher.

Atlanta police are preparing for the large crowds. Officers will work 12 hours shifts starting Friday. There will be extra police presence downtown with officers in both uniforms and plainclothes.

“it’s all-hands-on-deck, so we’ll have every resource that we have in APD working both Friday and Saturday,” kreher said.

Atlanta police are also asking people to share rides or take public transportation. But if you do drive, they say do not leave weapons or valuables in your car.

CBS46 will let you know if a hearing is held on House Bill 10.

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