Gun sales continue to rise despite national gun debate

Source: WGCL

As gun debates continue nationwide, locally owned fire arms businesses are being impacted but it's in a good way.

One Cobb County store has recently even seen a 30 percent increase in sales.

"We're a family owned fire arms retailer, we've been in the business over forty years," said Eric Wallace owner.

The atmosphere is friendly inside Adventure Outdoors in Cobb County.

"We're huge second amendment supporters and we're serious about the business we do."

Much different from the atmosphere surrounding what this long time business specializes in selling.

"We're going to continue business as normal."

Recent gun debates and policy changes by certain businesses is actually having a positive impact on local stores like this.

"From what we see the general public is like this happened now I need to see what I need to do to protect myself which is maybe buy that first firearm or get some training."

Eric Wallace says as gun legislation debates gain momentum their business isn't the only thing increasing.

"Since there's been talk about potential gun legislation , our safety classes and our training classes have nearly tripled."

And while big companies like Dick's Sporting Goods and Walmart are changing gun selling policies, smaller, local stores like this one are gaining.

"Most of these corporations have done it in the past and take them off the shelves when its convenient to them and feel like they can gain someone else's favor."

Wallace says unfortunately after a tragedy they see spikes but always make sure to follow the rules for sales including proper paperwork .

"We sell firearms to people everyday that do background checks these are good honest Americans buying firearms for the right reasons."

For a business like his family's, there's only one way to sell fire arms.

"Know your customer, what they're going to use the firearm for , do all the proper paperwork, background checks to make sure the firearms don't end up in the hands of the wrong people."

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