GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) -- A school resource officer experienced an unforgettable moment only two weeks into her new job. 

It didn't even happen at work but rather when Officer Zakia Williams was driving home from her shift Tuesday. She is a school resource officer with Gwinnett County Public Schools.

"I see a car swerving in and out so I’m like, that’s not normal let me pull up closer and see what’s going," she said. "As I pull up closer there’s a lady and a male in the car and they both look like they’re in distress and I see a baby in the front seat and the lady’s screaming.”

"I rolled my window down and the lady looks at me and me and she said, 'my baby’s not breathing,' so I immediately said, 'pull over,'" Officer Williams explained.

Her body camera captured the life-saving moments when the three-week-old girl's step-grandfather handed the baby over to Williams, who performed CPR using two fingers. Moments later the infant starts breathing and crying.

"When she started crying I just immediately felt relieved," Officer Williams said. "Absolutely grateful that it ended up the way that it did.”

She said she reverted back to her training on how to properly perform CPR on a baby.

The family was taking the baby girl to the hospital after she started choking while being fed at home. They encountered their new hero before they arrived.

"As a police officer it is our job to protect and serve, that’s what we’re here to do, serve our community the best way we can," said Officer Williams. "The community counts on us.”

Paramedics arrived to the scene and the baby was checked out at the hospital and is doing well. 

Her step-grandfather told CBS46 he is thankful for Officer Williams and said she remained calm and kept her cool.

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