Gwinnett judge candidate resigns from job over courthouse violations

Jason Park For Judge web site

A prosecutor in the Gwinnett County District Attorney's office was pressured to resign from his job because of campaign improprieties.

According to sources, and information independently confirmed by CBS46 reporter, Dante Renzulli, some of the alleged violations are minor, and others are not so minor.

Beginning with the minor violation, the picture of Jason Park on the front page of his web site shows him looking out of a window into the distance.

While most people may not recognize the room where the photo was taken, people who work there everyday can tell it's the Gwinnett County grand jury room. Apparently, Park did not get permission to take a picture in that location, and campaign photos inside the courthouse are strictly forbidden.

It sounds pretty severe to make a prosecutor resign over generic-looking photography, so we did more digging and discovered there is something else.

Records show Park received at least one campaign contribution that sources are calling "suspicious."

It was $1,000 that came from someone who shares an address with an attorney whose clients benefited greatly from Park's recent decision to drop all the criminal charges pending against them.

The case involved seven people who were arrested at a house in Norcross in 2016 for trafficking 11 pounds of marijuana and ecstasy.

A few of the defendants, the attorney who represented them, and the campaign contributor all have the last name, Chen.

CBS46 tried several ways to reach Jason Park. We went to a candidates forum at a church, Thursday, that everyone running for office in Gwinnett County was invited to, but Park was one of the few no-shows.

Defense attorney, Steve Chen's office was closed when we stopped by to ask him about the contribution and the dropped case. His phone does not have voicemail.

We also tried the campaign contributor's address, and received no answer there.

Finally, after calling and e-mailing Park, we went to his house in Sugar Hill, but someone who answered the door said he did not want to talk to us.

Public documents do not explain why Park dropped the case, but we did reach a courthouse insider who is familiar with that specific case.

That person defended park's decision to drop it, saying, when police found the drugs, they rounded up everyone in the house and charged them all with the same offenses. They were planning to let a jury decide who was guilty and who wasn't, but the source believes letting everyone go free was the right decision, rather than risk potentially convicting an innocent bystander.

Gwinnett County District Attorney, Danny Porter, would only confirm Park announced his resignation and he is presently on administrative leave.

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