DACULA, Ga. (CBS46) – A 47-year-old Dacula woman died last week, months after her neighbor’s three pit bulls attacked her.

Lorena Cordova was attacked September 16th on Luther Wages Road in Dacula.

Her daughter, 23-year-old Ingrid Alvarado, was home that day and told reporter Ashley Thompson that the pit bulls have been a constant problem because they come over to their property.

“I thought she was just going to turn on the sprinklers because she had set up a sprinkler system just in case the dogs came, to scare them away,” Alvarado said.

Alvarado said she went outside and did not see her mother. When she heard a faint yell, she drove over to the neighbor’s house.

“When I got toward the end of the driveway toward the house, it was my mom laying on the floor and the dogs surrounding her,” she explained.

She said her mother was injured and bleeding out on the pavement.

“They already had mauled her completely and there [were] just chunks missing of her body.”

Cordova was taken to Gwinnett Medical Center, then transferred to Grady Memorial Hospital.

She died on Thursday.

The family hasn’t heard from the neighbors. “A simple sorry doesn’t hurt anyone,” Alvarado said.

CBS46 went over to the neighbor’s house to speak with the owner of the dogs. He did not know Cordova had passed away and said he doesn't know what led to the attack.

“My understanding is that she come down on my property…is when she got attacked,” the man, who identified himself as Mr. Clark, said.

Reporter Ashley Thompson asked if he had plans to apologize for what happened. He said his lawyer advised him not to speak with the family.

“They’ve got apologies coming at the appropriate time,” he said.

His three dogs were euthanized the day after the attack, according to Gwinnett County. Police have charged him with reckless conduct.

Cordova’s remains are now in two urns. One will stay with her children and the other will go to her mother in in El Salvador.

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