Virus Outbreak-Tax Delay, Deadline July 15

This July 24, 2018, file photo shows a portion of the 1040 U.S. Individual Income Tax Return form. 2019 returns must be filed by July 15, IRS is not extending deadline. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File)


NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - Taxpayers have two weeks left to finish your taxes after the deadline was extended until July 15 due to the coronavirus to give people more time to file.

The extra time also comes with extra worries as scammers try to take advantage of those waiting until the last minute.

Whether it’s hackers trying to steal your information or scammers after your money. Security experts say be on the lookout as you file your taxes.

“All the stuff happening right now is making it so people are distracted and anxious,” said Bruce McCully, a security expert with Galactic Advisors.

For years McCully has been helping keep people’s information safe online. He says you want to watch out for fake forms, like a 1040 form that looks like it’s from the IRS but isn’t.

“The IRS form doesn’t every have a submit button. It never submits data directly to the IRS from a PDF form you download to fill out a 1040,” said McCully.

McCully said the fact millions of Americans are working from home means you might not have as much protection on your computer. Hackers know that and seek those people out first.

“Their security isn’t necessarily as good as when they’re working at the office because they don’t have all the tools they have on corporate networks,” said McCully.

He said you also want to be careful when replying to emails related to your taxes. For example, an email from your human resources department.

McCully said in some instances hackers are claiming to be someone else hoping you will give them information they need. He also said file as quickly as you can. Often times people go after those who wait until the last minute, hoping they’re in a rush and not paying as close attention.

Security experts said always use a trustworthy site like TurboTax to file, always download forms directly from the IRS website and use a tax professional who you can trust.


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