Hartsfield-Jackson Airport officials call out TSA

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Officials at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport are calling out the Transportation Security Administration, claiming dramatic changes must be made within the next two months.

Airport manager Miguel Southwell sent out a letter to not only the TSA but also Georgia lawmakers.

Southwell says that TSA staffing is not up to par and the airport is threatening to hire a private company to handle the screening process is changes aren't made.

This comes after several complains from passengers, claiming that lines are too long. One passenger who spoke with CBS46 News says the TSA caused her to miss her flight and also cost her about $1,000.

"I understand there are some days that are a little bit busier than others but you should not miss your flight because you've been in the screening line for two hours," says passenger JoAnn Beavers, who missed her flight to Houston.

Many people have taken to social media to voice their displeasure about the screening process at the airport. Here are just a few tweets gathered from Twitter:

Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport: where you have to arrive 6 hours before your flight because TSA takes forever ????????????????????????โ€” Miranda ? (@_Mirandom) January 4, 2016
Only at Hartsfield Jackson is the TSA guy playing Trap music while checking boarding passes ?????????? #thedirty #merrychristmasโ€” Christian Rincon (@christianrinc0n) December 25, 2015
The ever so crowded TSA line #ABandLV #AtotheBay @ Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport https://t.co/iQiyWfXuSjโ€” dj LV (I know dj LV) (@iknowdjlv) December 21, 2015
Southwell sent a letter to TSA Administrator Peter Neffenger

last week, noting that security checkpoint wait times are nearly an hour.

In the letter, Southwell writes, "Hartsfield-Jackson is still plagued by inadequate TSA staffing and despite a 7.5 percent increase in staffing, it was late and inadequate."

Southwell also writes that he's "more concerned about this summer and increased passenger traffic. As the airport experience demonstrates, things appear to be getting worse."

Southwell closes the letter by writing, "If dramatic changes aren't made within two months, the airport will partner with a private company to screen passengers."

There has been no response yet from TSA officials. CBS46 will keep you posted.

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