WOODSTOCK, Ga. (CBS46) -- After a shooting at a house party in Cherokee County left a 14-year-old dead, the victim's mother says other teens at the party must know who did it and must come forward.

"I held his hand," Shawnda Schafer cried. "I told him that I was sorry, that he didn't deserve this."

Landon Andrews died at a house party but he wasn't supposed to be there, his mom told CBS46.


UPDATE: Teen charged in connection to shots fired at party where 14-year-old died

"I gave my son permission to spend the night at his friend's home, that's where he was. His location was being shared with me. I didn't know that they left that home."

All Saturday, she tracked her teen's cellphone to confirm his location around the clock. Later that night she tried to check it again but the tracker's signal disappeared. She texted and called Landon, there was no response. Schafer then called the friend's mother and had her go check the room for the kids . They were gone.

Schafer says minutes later she got a call from the friend telling her Landon was shot and taken to the hospital. She explained she was in disbelief.

"I want justice for all of them. But more importantly, my son is not coming home. He's not sleeping in his bed. I didn't have to go and get him ready for school yesterday. I didn't have to get him ready for school today." She paused, "because he's not here."

NEW VIDEO: Teen dies after shooting at large house party in Cherokee County

The Cherokee County Sheriff's Office released video Sunday which shows a fight at a house party in Kennesaw, detectives say. Officers believe the people involved in that fight Saturday night, later went to the Cherokee County party on Victoria Road, where someone fired a gun.

Landon's family says he was not the target but at the wrong place, at the wrong time. The Kell High School athlete was known for his kindness and he will be missed for it too.

"Landon never met a stranger. I think that if a tree talked, he would talk back." His mom continued, "He was just many things. As time has gone by a little, I just think may be [he was] too perfect for this world."

Some witnesses have come forward but the sheriff's office says detectives need more people to cooperate in hopes of identifying a suspect. There is a $2,000 reward for information in this case.

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