TYRONE, Ga. (CBS46) -- Shamrock Kitchen in Tyrone ran out of luck after a new health inspector handed them their first failing health score in 36 years.

Owner Tracy Sutton took over the restaurant back in 2008, saying they had never received below a 91 during her time there. Her parents owned the eatery before that dating back to 1985.  The score of 47 given to her establishment by the Health Department came as quite a shock.

Among the infractions were items such as employees wearing jewelry while handling food, accumulation of debris inside equipment, and grease on walls.

“If I saw 47 somewhere, I would be disgusted, but hardly any of this has to do with food,” said Sutton.

Sutton called out the Health Department on social media for what she considered nitpicking and being inconsistent on inspections. Soon after, hundreds of her friends and restaurant patrons followed suit blasting the inspector.

Hayla Folden, spokesperson for the Georgia Department of Public Health in District 4 serving Fayette County, was appalled by the comments, responding, “to call us bad names, and tyrants and evil is not okay with us.

Folden spoke highly of nationally certified Inspector Joseph Addison, noting his 91 percent inspection average. Addison’s inspection of Shamrock Kitchen included identification of several food items at unsafe temperature levels, among them chicken, eggs, and milk.

“I’m an educator, I’m not a tyrant. I’m just here to protect the public,” said Addison.

Only 15 out of the last 500 restaurants Addison has inspected have failed, including Shamrock Kitchen.

The restaurant will receive a re-inspection score within a week.

Restaurant health scores should always be posted within 15-feet of the front door for you to make a decision before you dine. Tune into Adam Murphy’s weekly restaurant report card segment on CBS46 News every Thursday at 5.

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