Right now people signing up for health care coverage face high monthly premiums through the affordable care act.

Compounding the problem is that Blue Cross Blue Shield pulled out of the metro Atlanta market earlier this year.

Nicole Sapp decided late in her twenties to go back to school for nursing. At 29 years old, she's struggling to find a health insurance plan that she could afford.

""I was quoted between $225 and $250 a month and the deductible is thousands of dollars," said Sapp.

That quote is only available to people 29 years old or younger--and to that age group $200 can be a lot.

"Some of my classmates are wondering where their next meal is coming from or how they're going to make their car payment while working part time and going to school full time," said Sapp.

Last year Todd decided to forgo coverage. The consequence was staggering, she underwent a minor surgery that had her in and out of the doctors office in a couple of hours so what what the bill she owes more than nine thousand dollars.

"I've cried enough about it. That's for sure."

Not even thirty--todd is dealing with collections--making small payments each month to pay off the massive debt.

"It's one of those things that does keep you up at night," said Greg Sanders.

Sanders says since blue cross blue shield pulled out of Atlanta---buyers are left with higher prices and only two providers.

"They're HMO only so if you have a doctor that's a part of your PPO network there's a chance that they wont be in your network with these two HMO carriers available."

For Sapp, it's almost ironic that she's in school to work in the medical field yet can barely afford medical care herself a struggle she says will only help her be more compassionate with her future patients.

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