ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) – In this near record heat doctors are sending warnings to stay hydrated.

Doctors said this hot weather could prove fatal if you don’t drink enough water. Some folks beat the heat by staying indoors. Others refuse to change their daily routine.

“If you’re my age you got to keep playing or you’ll lose it,” John Morrison said. Morrison hits the basketball court 6 days a week. Extreme heat or not.

“You won’t find many 71-year-olds out here,” Morrison explained.

He takes on all challengers.

“I came out here one Monday and John offered to play 21,” Brandon DeCosta explained.

Morrison beat Brandon Decosta twice. Believe it or not the hot days are his favorite.

“I come out here to play, sweat it out it doesn’t bother me,” Morrison explained.

While it doesn’t bother Morrison, doctors warn the heat could be fatal for those who refuse to hydrate properly.

“They get confused, they get agitated, they're exhausted, they may have sinkable episodes because their blood pressure is so low that when they stand up, they pass out,” Dr. Catherine Burley said.

Signs of dehydration include, dry mouth, dark urine, constipation, and fatigue. For those like Morrison who decide to face the heat doctors have this advice.

“Please consume at least, at least 6 to 8 glasses of water a day,” Burley said.

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