Heavy rains that fell near the Flint River forced the closure of a busy Clayton County roadway Thursday night but water levels have subsided and traffic is once again able to pass through the area.

The rain flooded the Flint River and left Riverdale Road waterlogged and impassable. The rain has ended however and water levels are back to normal.

Some drivers actually abandoned their vehicles along the roadway.

CBS46 spoke with nurse Hannah House who was traveling through the area when her SUV became stuck and flooded.

"I'm just glad I wore my rain boots to work today, said House. "First time and won't be the last time."

(CBS46) "How much water do you think you bailed out?"

(Hannah House) "Close to two feet, and I used all the buckets and I've got all the towels out here to clean it up and stuff."

House was able to move her vehicle but many others weren't as lucky. Thankfully, the river levels have receded and vehicles are able to move safely through.

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